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Lions Pride LogoUsually after the holiday season, life seems to slow down a bit. The weather has caused the LPEF office to close a few times, at least physically. Though the snow seems to get in the way and the cold tried to stop our efforts, here at Lions Pride, we have been busy getting ready for a few important upcoming events!

This Friday, January 17, we will be taking a trip 124 miles south to Madison, for our quarterly board meeting.  We will meet at the offices our Vice President, John Suby of The Suby Group. The Lions Pride Endowment Fund Board is comprised of Lions and non-Lions and we are proud to have John, a non-Lion, serving on our Board. John has shared his financial and non-profit expertise with us since the beginning, serving on the Lions Pride Campaign Steering Committee. LPEF Board Members are selected to serve based on their business acumen and financial expertise.  To learn more about our board visit our website at http://www.lionspride.org/board.html.

After the Friday meeting, Dewey and Geri will take another long 80 mile drive to Lake Geneva for the 27-A1 Convention which will be held at the Grand Geneva Resort.  Friday night there will be guests at the WLF Associate Reception hosted by WLF President, PDG Dave Hempel and WLF Director, PDG Gary Stewart who currently serves as the WLF Representative on the Lions Pride Endowment Fund Board.  Chairman Dewey will also be reporting to the Lions of 27-A1 at the WLF meeting on Saturday afternoon.  For more information visit the Lions District 27-A1 website here.

That’s all from us for now. Check back in with us next week to learn how everything went.