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NeumeyerA Lion for over 40 years PDG Norb Neumeyer knows, like so many others, it only takes one visit to Lions Camp to understand what it truly means to be a Lion.  In a recent conversation PDG Norb told us, “It just grabs you!  Elaine and I have been blessed with 8 healthy children.  Every time we visit Camp, I am impressed by all Lions Camp and the other WLF projects do for those less fortunate.  It reminds us just how lucky we are.”

When asked about why he and Elaine support Lions Pride, Lion Norb said, “We used to go to Arizona for 2 months every winter.  We haven’t been going the last several years and decided to donate the money to Lions Pride.”  Money contributed to the Lions Pride Endowment Fund is protected, only the interest is used.  Norb commented, “You are actually giving more, because the money you donate earns interest and increases the value of your gift.”

PDG Norb shared a personal story to help further explain how others like he and Elaine can afford to make a donation to the Pride Endowment. In the mid 1970’s one of their neighbors was taking a trip to Ireland and asked the Neumeyer’s to join them.  At the time, with 6 children still living at home, Norb predictably said, “Are you nuts?  We can’t afford that!”  After a time and much cajoling Norb was talked into it; he and Elaine made plans to join their neighbors on a trip to Ireland.  Looking back he has no regrets, “it turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences of my life.”  “Somehow we managed to do it by changing our attitude, budgeting and prioritizing.” “You know,” he said, “many Lions could afford to give $500 or $1,000 to Pride the same way.  It is just a real good feeling to give to something you believe in.”

The Lions Pride Endowment Fund is Today’s Help, Tomorrow’s Hope for Lions Camp and all Wisconsin Lions Foundation Projects.

To make a donation to the Lions Pride Endowment Fund, call 715.677.7000, email prideoffice@lionspride.org or visit www.lionspride.org.