williamsWe all know who they are; we all have them. They’re the people in your District, Club or Community who seem to have their hands in every project one could possibly support. Lion Dan Williams is the quintessential Lion and Community Volunteer, involved in countless projects. Somehow he manages to work as his Club Secretary, as Secretary of the B2 Sturm Humanitarian Foundation and as the B2 Mission to Mexico Co-Chair and is always collecting used eyeglasses for the Eyeglass Recycling Center.  He also served in Lions as a Zone Chair, Region Chair, in his community he served 3 years as President of Green Bay St. Vincent de Paul and was a past finalist for Green Bay Packers Community Quarterback Award. Lions Dan and Sue are also Melvin Jones Fellows.

Lion Dan said, “When Dewey Carl was Governor, I was a Zone Chair, I came to admire Lion Dewey for all his volunteer efforts and his dedication to Lions Camp. Then Dewey helped start Lions Pride.  I wished I could do as much.   I knew some way, somehow, we had to do something; costs are still going up and Lions Camp is important.” Therefore Lions Dan and Sue Williams added Membership to the Lions Pride Family to their list of accomplishments.

The Williams made their donation to Lions Pride in a unique way; through a gift of Stock. Lion Dan contacted his Financial Advisor, she called the Lions Pride Office and we took care of the rest.  A direct gift of stock to the Lions Pride Endowment Fund gives the donor the advantage of not having to report a gain on the sale of the stock or mutual fund by the donor and it’s easy to do.

Lion Dan shared this, “My daughter, Julie volunteers as a nurse at Lions Camp and my grand-daughter, Chloe served there as a Junior Counselor and is adept at sign-language. She hopes to continue to help at Lions Camp. Lions Camp, the Eyeglass Recycling Center and other WLF projects are important to my family and those WE SERVE.”

The Lions Pride Endowment Fund is Today’s Help, Tomorrow’s Hope for Lions Camp and all Wisconsin Lions Foundation Projects.

Join Lions Dan and Sue; plan your donation to the Lions Pride Endowment Fund. Contact your own financial advisor or the Lions Pride Office for more details on how a donation of stock could benefit you, call 715.677.7000, email prideoffice@lionspride.org or visit www.lionspride.org.