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Maypole Dancing

If you’re a parent or grandparent, you may be planning a May Day basket craft idea for your children in attempt to get rid of the ‘Rainy Day Blues’ that we are all experiencing.  But, did you know this holiday, like many others we have seen, has a unique history?

In many countries, May Day is seen as the first day of summer.  It is a time to officially say goodbye to long, cold winter and welcome spring with fun and laughter.

The festivities normally begin with the crowning of a May Queen to officially get the festival started.   People then gather around the Maypole, traditionally cut from a birch tree and decorated the colorful streamers, and dance.

These activities often include the custom that we are most familiar with, May Day Baskets.  Flowers, sweets and other goodies fill the baskets and are placed on the doorknobs of homes.  The giver then knocks on the door or rings the doorbell and runs away.  If he or she was caught by the receiver, a kiss is exchanged.

Early May Day celebrations intended to improve crop growth and help livestock produce more offspring.  Throughout the years, it just became a good time for people to come together.

At Lions Pride we celebrate May Day every day by continuing to grow the Endowment and help provide for more campers to attend Lions Camp and for more people to be served by all the WLF statewide projects now and for future generations.

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Happy May Day!