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Lions Camp

This summer may be cooler than normal, but you can still get a nasty sunburn despite cloudy or cool conditions. Did you know that skin cancer has increased by 200 percent in the last 40 years? It’s true. Although melanoma is one of the most preventable diseases, it is the most dangerous type of cancer. In fact, it’s estimated that approximately $8 million is spent each year on treatment of all skin cancers.

Tan skin is many times seen as a sign of good health, but really it is just the opposite. We need to do our part to debunk this myth while educating our children about the good sun protection and the dangers of skin cancer. 

Young children in particular should be extra careful out in the sun because those with bad sunburns have seen to have a greater risk of skin cancer later in life. Doctors recommend applying at least one ounce of 30 or higher before sun exposure. It should then be reapplied every two hours, but more often if swimming or sweating. The American Academy of Dermatology has a lot of great information on their website.

Wisconsin Lions Camp staff take camper protection very seriously. All of the counselors help campers apply sunscreen before the day’s activities begin and generously re-apply throughout the day. Campers do not spend a lot of time in direct sunlight, they take multiple shade and water breaks. Hats are also a recommended item on the camper checklist.

Summer may be slowly winding down and the sun may not out as long as it was in late June, but it’s still extremely important to keep good sun protection in mind. If you and your child or grandchild will be spending time in the great outdoors, don’t forget about the sunblock. Make applying sunscreen a part of your every day routine, not just on sunny days!