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The MuellersSharon and I started donating to the Lions Pride Endowment Fund five years ago in an effort to make sure that Lions Camp would be there for future generations. This is an effort that many Lion’s members have committed to. But we all want to do more and that is when I started researching the matching gifts program offered by my company.

Did you know that you could use your company’s matching gift program to increase the amount that you are donating to the Lions Pride Endowment Fund? Many companies match financial contributions of their employees to qualifying nonprofit organizations. If your company offers a matching gifts program they have established guidelines and procedures for the program.

Typical guidelines include the amount of the match, minimum contribution that must be made by the employee, maximum company match and what are eligible nonprofit organizations. This last item is the most important in that the nonprofit organization must be a 501(c)(3) organization and the funds must be used for direct support of the organization’s programs. Great news, the Lions Pride Endowment Fund qualifies.

Companies establish procedures and forms that need to be completed to apply for the matching gift. My company requires me to complete an application form that is sent along with my donation to Lions Pride. The application form then indicates how Lions Pride can apply for the matching gift. This is a simple process for the Lions Pride office to complete and the match is sent directly to Lions Pride. My company matches 50% of my contribution as long as I contribute at least $100 and they have a maximum payment of $1,000 per year.

For many of us this is a great means to increase our contributions that are going to such a worthwhile cause, Lions Pride supporting Lions Camp and all WLF statewide projects. We will continue to donate to the Lions Pride Endowment Fund and use the matching contributions to increase our annual contribution.