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Photo Credit to Sailing Education Association of Sheboygan

                                                 Photo Credit to Sailing Education Association of Sheboygan

It has been an exciting week for Lions in Wisconsin! Monday was the start of the World Championship of Sailing on Lake Michigan. The event is being hosted by the International Association for Disabled Sailing and Sail Sheboygan, in conjunction with the Sheboygan Noon Lions and the Lions of Wisconsin.

The fun began right away Monday evening when Wisconsin Lions were invited to meet Lions International 2nd Vice President Bob Corlew at Blue Harbor Resort. Our very own Lions Pride Endowment Fund Executive Director, Geri Schlender was able to attend the meet and greet.

The excitement continued on Tuesday with a celebrity race when Wisconsin’s own International Director, Karla Harris, challenged VP Corlew to a sailing race; both sailors wore vision impairment simulation goggles. Upon race completion, the world championship began.

A total of sixteen teams from Australia, Canada, England, Israel, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Spain and the United States will compete in head-to-head matches.

Each team consists of three sailors, each of whom has been classified by the International Blind Sports Foundation as B1 or B2 Blind. Crew members rely on acoustic buoys and sound systems that change signals when on starboard or port tack. This is only the second championship race that has been sailed without a sighted coach on board.

Because there are only two sailboats out on the water at one time, the championship is easy and fun for people of all ages to watch, even those who have never before watched a sailing race.

Blind Match Racing Beach PartyFor those looking for a little extra fun and entertainment there is also a Beach Party to celebrate the event at the Blue Harbor Resort.

Best of luck to all the competitors!

Sail Sheboygan is the Organizing Authority of this race. Net proceeds from the race will be used to benefit an Adaptive Sailing program, which benefits sailors with disabilities.