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The holiday season is fast approaching. Today is November 6, how many Black Friday and Christmas shopping commercials have you already seen on TV?

Online shopping is not exactly a new way to beat the crowds and get ahead of the holiday chaos, but did you know you can support Lions Pride with the purchases you make?

Goodshop is an online shopping portal that allows you to donate to your charity of choice with every purchase you make. Whenever you make a purchase with Goodshop, a percentage of your sale is donated to your favorite charity.

Possibly the best part about Goodshop is that when you shop, you can find coupons and deals that you may not even have known about in the first place. Not only are you raising money for your favorite charity, but you are also saving money. There is no cost for you to sign up because all of the funds raised from the website come from the advertisers.

Getting started is easy! Simply visit http://www.goodsearch.com/choosecause and search for “Lions Pride”. Next, select “Lions Pride Endowment Fund.”

Lions Pride GoodshopAfter that, you can choose your favorite stores and Goodshop will alert you each time there is a new coupon or sale.

Every time you make a purchase with Goodshop, you will be helping our efforts to ensure the future of the Wisconsin Lions Camp, as well as other WLF Statewide Projects. You don’t have to be a Lion to help so, please help as spread the word. The more people who use GoodShop, the more money will come to Pride.

Please email us at prideoffice@lionspride.org with any questions you may have about Goodshop. Happy shopping!