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Giving Tuesday QuoteToday, we will gather together with our family and friends to count our blessings and eat what might be the most delicious meal of the year. Then less than 24 hours from now, we will all be overcome with holiday shopping anxiety. How on Earth can we get all of those presents purchased and wrapped by December 25?

We have a question, how come we only get one holiday to appreciate all of life’s precious gifts, but two holidays (Black Friday and Cyber Monday) dedicated specifically to buying gifts?

Someone else must have had that very same question because December 2, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, is officially Giving Tuesday. The idea is simple. We, as Americans, are encouraged to take a day off of holiday shopping and instead give back.

On Thanksgiving, we give thanks.

On Black Friday, we get deals.

On Cyber Monday, we get online.

On Giving Tuesday, we give back.

How can you give back? That’s the beauty of Giving Tuesday; you can give back any way you want. You can give a compliment to a complete stranger, give time to an organization you care about, give hope with a generous donation, give someone something to smile about, or give in some other manner.

It doesn’t matter if you give 10 minutes or 10 hours, $5 or $50; all that matters is that you give. If you can find a way for your family, your business, your community or your organization to give back then you have done more than your part. Join in the movement to celebrate generosity and to give. Let’s start a new tradition!

Make an online donation to Lions Pride!

The Lions Pride office will be closed today and tomorrow for the holiday, but will be back in the office and ready to how you will be taking part in Giving Tuesday.

Happy Thanksgiving!