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Punxsutawney Groundhog DayYou likely have already heard the news, according to Punxsutawney Phil; we are forced to deal with six more weeks of winter. Many people have asked the same question since hearing this year’s prediction, “How accurate is this furry forecaster?” The answer may surprise you.

The tradition of Groundhog Day goes back to the year 1886. Old folk stories say that if it is cloudy when the groundhog leaves its burrow that it is a sign of an early spring. However, if it is sunny and the groundhog sees his shadow and retreats back into the burrow, winter will continue for six more weeks.

While the Inner Circle of Punxsutawney claim that is he is always correct, Accuweather says he has a success rate of 75-80 percent. Not bad for a groundhog, right?

If you don’t buy the forecast from a groundhog from Pennsylvania, maybe we should try a little closer to home. There is actually a similar tradition in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, but you may not want to hear the results from this year’s event. The 2015 forecast was disputed after Jimmy the Groundhog bit Mayor Jonathan Freund in the ear. The mayor announced that Jimmy didn’t see his shadow, and there would be an early spring. Later one of Jimmy’s caretakers said that the mayor may have misinterpreted the prediction as it was his first time participating, and there will be six more weeks of winter.

All we know that the official day of spring is 42 days away, which means that technically, there is still at least six more weeks of winter left. Lions Pride Staff are getting through by thinking of the warmer days ahead. It won’t be long now until the sun is always shining, and Lions Camp will be bustling with the sound of happy campers. Hang in there; we’re almost through!