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New Eyeglass Collection ReceptacleLions Clubs all over the nation have been collecting used eyeglasses for decades. The process is fairly simple; find a location to host a receptacle and send your collection to your local recycling center when the time is right, but have you ever thought about changing its appearance to increase donations? That’s exactly what the South Milwaukee Lions Club did and the results speak for themselves.

The club once used the typical plastic buckets, but found that retailers just weren’t
impressed with the appearance. They found out that too often receptacles were getting pushed to the side rather than staying out in the open. To change the attitude toward the collection boxes, the club decided to change the look completely. Woodworker Lion Ron Fowler built more attractive boxes that were then decorated with paint in fun, eye-catching colors.

Suddenly, the receptacles were no longer the “eye sore” of storefronts. Instead they become much more obvious and donations significantly grew. (Like Lion Ron’s idea? You can find step-by-step instructions here.)

Other clubs are also following suit by repurposing all sorts of old mailboxes and placingLions Club Repurposed Mailbox them in high-traffic that cannot be missed. The Grafton Club transformed an old mailbox into a fresh, shiny collection box.

It’s amazing to think what a little bit of elbow grease can accomplish! All of us here at Lions Pride would like to thank the South Milwaukee and Grafton Lions Clubs for thinking outside of the box to increase donations.

Would you consider updating your eyeglass collection receptacle with a fun, new model? You can take other clubs or come up with a creative idea of your own. It could be a fun project to work on with your local club.

Let’s work together to keep our Wisconsin Eyeglass Recycling Center busy!