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Make Up Your Own HolidayIf you regularly follow our blog, you know that we sometimes talk about wacky, little known holidays, but today’s holiday takes the cake for the wackiest and littlest known of all. March 26 is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day.

No, we did not create this holiday ourselves. Make Up Your Own Holiday was imagined by the Wellness Permission League, but is not a registered holiday. The only objective for the day is to celebrate a topic or event that has escaped recognition up until now. It is a chance for you to put the rulebook aside and honor something you care about.

Our holiday was obvious to us once we discovered that there were no rules or guidelines. We’d like to mark March 26 as Lions Pride Donor Appreciation Day. Hopefully, it’s no secret how much we appreciate the generosity and support of our donors, but we felt that you deserved your own day of recognition.

Because of our caring donors, we are able to support causes that are important to members of Lions Clubs all over the state; causes such as the Wisconsin Lions Camp, the Eyeglass Recycling Center, early children’s vision screening programs, diabetes education and so much more.

The Lions Pride Endowment Fund would not be where it is today without our donors. You all make our jobs fun and rewarding because we know that we are making a difference in causes you care about. Thank you for everything that you do. Let’s keep moving forward to making 2015 the best year for Lions Camp and all WLF projects.

Happy Donor Appreciation Day, formerly known as Make Up Your Holiday Day!