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Wisconsin Tornado Dane County 2014It’s never a bad idea to prepare for an emergency. After all, there is never an optimal time for one to take place! This week, April 13 – 17 is Wisconsin’s Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week.

Each year, our state sees an average of 23 tornadoes. While this may seem low compared to the averages of Oklahoma and Texas, which see 52 and 126 tornadoes respectively, we still need to plan ahead.

This afternoon, a statewide tornado drill is planned. At 1 pm, the National Weather Service will issue a statewide mock tornado alert and at 1:45 pm, a statewide mock tornado warning will be issued. The majority of Wisconsin radio and television stations will be participating in the drills. It’s important to note that the drill will take place even if the sky is cloudy, dark or rainy, but will be postponed to tomorrow afternoon is actual severe weather occurs.

As summertime continues to make its way to the center stage, we thought it might be a good chance to review our own severe weather action procedure here at the Wisconsin Lions Camp. We know that there are always going to be a few “what if” thoughts for parents when their children leave for a week, but we hope they don’t have to worry about severe weather.

We’re serious about safety here at camp. We’re set up with an emergency weather radio (just like schools) so the staff is always aware if severe weather chooses to strike and can quickly take action to keep all of our campers safe.

We hope you’ll take some time this week to review your own family’s severe weather action plan. After all, there’s no such thing as being over-prepared!