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It seems that spring is finally here to stay. You know what that means – it’s time for Lions Pride Logo with Glassesspring-cleaning. The windows can finally be washed, the carpets can be shampooed and the closets can be organized. We have another idea for a spring-cleaning project that may not have originally come to mind.

Open your junk drawer, is there a pair of glasses in there that haven’t been worn in a while because your prescription has changed or you no longer care for the style? You know that if you have a pair of old eyeglasses lying around the house then there are probably others that do, too. It’s time to find these glasses a new home.

During the month of May, Lions and Lionesses have the opportunity to raise awareness for the importance of collecting eyeglasses. The need for eyeglasses is great, even more than you might think. Globally, one in four children cannot see well enough to learn to read without glasses. Plus, by the age of 40, 90% of adults experience a loss in eyesight that decreases their ability to read print.

Millions of people living in developing countries lack the funds needed to receive proper eye care, but we’re doing our part to help. At the Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center in Rosholt, we sort, clean and send eyeglasses to 49 different developing countries. Over the last 15 years, an average of 800,000 eyeglasses are received. We need your help to keep the momentum up.

This year, you could talk with friends and family to see if they have unused eyeglasses available to create a small collection OR you could greatly increase those efforts by establishing a new collection site in your community.

Eyeglass collection containers can be obtained free of charge from WLF or you can follow the lead of other Wisconsin Lions Clubs by creating a unique eyeglass collection receptacle of your own. If you have never completed an eyeglass collection campaign, there are many useful resources online to help you get started.

Let’s work together to help more people see the world more clearly. Start your eyeglass recycling today.