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Child Vision ScreeningJune is finally here which most that most likely school is the furthest thought from your child or grandchild’s mind. They may not be sitting in front of a whiteboard in a classroom every day, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about the importance of your child’s vision. After all summertime is full of fun visual activities that no one will want to miss like Camp!

June is Child Vision Awareness Month. Since 1998, the WLF has partnered with Prevent Blindness Wisconsin to fight blindness across the state. The goal of the children’s vision screen project is to ensure that all children in the state of Wisconsin, from ages 6 months to 18 years old, have a proper vision screening, and are referred to an optical professional, if necessary.

The importance of vision screening is crystal clear. In the past year, 51 Wisconsin Lions Clubs screened 15,601 children; of those children, 1047 were referred to an eye care professional. Vision problems affect one in five school-aged children and one in twenty preschool-aged children. When vision problems begin in early childhood, a child may not know that he or she has a problem because the brain compensates for the poor vision, so the child will not complain about the symptoms. The parents may also not witness any symptoms. Without early detection and treatment, a small problem could lead to complications down the road such as permanent vision loss, learning difficulties and delayed development.

By carrying out vision screenings in your community, you can help parents and their children identify common vision problems including Amblyopia, Stigmatism, Hyperopia, Refractive Errors and more.

If you are interested in bringing child vision screening to your area Lions Club, follow these steps to get started. Together, we can all continue to protect and preserve the gift of sight for a lifetime.

Happy Child Vision Awareness Month from all of us here at Lions Pride!