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Lions Club InternationalWe’re putting our new Governors to work this weekend! On Saturday, the Wisconsin Council of Governors will meet for the first council meeting of their year to discuss the new 2015-2016 Lion Year.

The Council is made up of 10 District Governors. Meet the members of this year’s council: Mike Drew., of A1, Bob Klockow of A2, Marv Henke of B1, Susan Selner of B2, Robert Henning of C1, Greg G. Krug of C2, Dick Schwedrsky of D1, Gary Daines of D2, Larry Bradley of E1 and Jay Nesseth of E2.

The district governors have large roles to fill throughout the year. They act as leaders of their entire district. A few of their responsibilities include promoting membership growth, new club creation and leadership development, advocate agreement between all district clubs, lead convention and district meetings, manage district financial accounts and ensure all district clubs are visited once throughout the 12-month term. (Keep in mind; some districts have upwards of 70 plus clubs!)

The Wisconsin District Governors keep us up-to-date with Lions Club International and Multiple District 27 initiatives moving us forward as our organization continues to evolve and grow. Helping us fulfill our motto, “We Serve”.

Thank you in advance to all of our district governors and their support teams. The Lions Pride Team can’t wait to see what the new year brings for Wisconsin Lions!