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Long-time Lions know that we are entering an exciting time of the year. If you’re a Dignity. Harmony. Humanity.newcomer, you may not know that October is the beginning of our fall convention line-up. For the next few weeks, we are going to be traveling to districts across the state to talk about all things Lions Pride.

This weekend, we are going to be headed to Wausau for the District 27-C1 Convention at Howard Johnson’s Hotel and Convention Center. This particular convention is the first of ten district conventions in MD27.

The convention will kick off Friday night with C1’s Annual WLF Live Auction. Generous donors have donated fantastic items that are up for raffle. The proceeds of the event will go towards WLF projects and programs.

Saturday morning, we’ll get an early start with the Strides Walk for Diabetes. The walk/run will begin at 7 am and will be held indoors (so your excuse that it’s just too cold is invalid!). The event will promote diabetes awareness as well as the importance of healthy exercise.

The rest of the day will be filled with educational seminars to help expand your knowledge of the LCI organization and strengthen yourself as a Lion or Lioness.

If you or another member of your club has not yet attended a district convention, we strongly encourage you to register for an upcoming event. There is no better way to learn about area service projects, improve your leadership skills or meet other passionate Lions than at a district convention. The information shared at these conferences adds to the success of every participating member, which will then strengthen the club.

Lions Pride is looking forward to seeing both new and familiar faces at this weekend’s convention! Will you be in attendance?