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Carl 'Energizer' OlsonWe’re on the road again! This week, Lions Pride will be heading to Green Bay for the 2015 B2 Convention. While we look forward to all of our conventions, we’re especially excited for this one. Our excitement is due to the all-star line-up of convention presenters.

This weekend’s topics will include blindness myths and realities, annual vision screening results and club management tips. We will also hear from a special guest, PDG Len Quinn, field representative for Leader Dogs for the Blind. Len will be discussing the “Leader Dog in Prison” program.

Before Leader Dogs become, well, Leader Dogs, they start out as puppies in need of socialization. To accomplish this important job, Leader Dogs for the Blind have found success by working with prisons. For approximately one year, inmates work to raise Future Leader Dogs by naming the puppy, housebreaking and basic obedience training. The program has been going on for nearly nine years and has seen outstanding results. We don’t want to spoil any more of the details so you’ll just need to hear it from Len this weekend.

On Saturday, get ready to get energized! The Luncheon Speaker is Carl “Energizer” Olson. Carl founded “Energizer Olson” in 1993 after a successful career in education and coaching. He is on a mission to empower his clients for success with motivation, attitude and current theory as well as humor. Energizing is his forte, so we are all in for a real treat.

We’ve got another weekend of fun ahead of us. Who else is excited for the B2 Convention? Lions Pride is looking forward to seeing you there!