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The weekend is drawing near. If you’re one of over 600,000 licensed outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen of Wisconsin, then you’ve probably been looking forward to the start of gun season since the last day of the 2014 season. We understand that part of your anticipation is due to love of the woods, but the other part is because you have likely been preparing for months.

If you’re an avid hunter, you may have a checklist similar to the one seen below, courtesy of Gander Mountain. The list includes over 100 items of necessary items such as blaze orange, ammo and more.

Gander Mountain Checklist

Serious hunters know that successful hunts don’t happen on luck alone. You have been studying your deer cam, preparing your food plot and double-checking your stand for safety. You’re ready to meet any deer that comes through the blind.

But, what happens when you do have a successful hunt? If you like venison, you may harvest the deer on your own. If you like beef sticks, you may have a preferred meat market; but what do you plan on doing with the hide?

This deer season, we hope you’ll consider donating your hide. Since 1991, Wisconsin Lions Camp has been collecting deer hides with the help of Lions Club volunteers from all over the state.

The drop-off process for hunters is easy. Simply find a collection site near you and bring your hide. Volunteers will then preserve the hide to be later sold. All proceeds will go towards sending kids to camp. Our goal for the year is to reach $100,000, and with your help, we will also be a success.

From all of us here at Lions Pride, we wish all Wisconsin Hunters, a safe and successful hunt! Thank you for your continued support.