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Today marks the 365th day Happy New Yearof the year. You know what the means – it’s time to turn over a new leaf and find ways to improve yourself in the year ahead. Yes, we are talking about New Year’s Resolutions.

Approximately 40 to 45 percent of American adults make one of more resolutions each year, but how many of those actually stick by what they say? A study has found that:

  • Past the first week, 75 percent of resolution-makers are still going strong.
  • Past two weeks, the number drops slightly to 71 percent.
  • After one month, resolutions kept drops again to 64 percent.
  • Finally, after six months, only 46 percent of the original resolutions are maintained.

In other words, only half of all resolutions made in January continue until the end of June. Simply stating that you hope to improve isn’t enough to make the change. In 2016, keep your resolution by following these tips:

  1. Write down your goals

    Those who write down their goals on a piece of paper are much more likely to succeed versus those who do not. Why? Because writing down your goal forces you to brainstorm an action plan and motivate you to take action. Learn more about the advantages of committing your goals to writing.

  2. Make one change at a time

    The New Year inspires us all to want to make big changes. Self-improvement is always great; however, deciding to change too many bad habits at once can be overwhelming. If you resolve to stop smoking, start exercising and eat healthier, you are putting a lot of pressure on yourself. Instead, decide to focus on one resolution and work up to the others.

  3. Tell a friend or family

    Talking to friends about your goals is an excellent way to build accountability. If you are working to spend more time with family in 2016, tell your family! There’s no doubt that they will hold you responsible for keeping your resolution. If possible, find a friend who shares your resolution and motivate one another. (Don’t worry; we’re not expecting you to share with all of your Facebook friends.)

  4. Take small steps

    Resolutions are always challenging, but they are even more difficult when all you have is a large and seemingly impossible goal. Saying, “This year, I want to give more to my favorite charity” could mean writing a large check next December or it could mean making small donations throughout the year. Yes, you will accomplish the same objective, but which one are you more likely to notice?

    Did you know that giving to Lions Pride is simpler than you can imagine? Many Pride supporters choose to simplify their giving by automating their monthly gift. Find out how you can automate your donation.

Remember that all improvements start with a decision to make a change. Make 2016 the year that you change your life for the better. We know you can do it!

There’s no question that 2015 was a spectacular year, but we’re ready to see what the New Year has in store for us. The Lions Pride office will be closed for the remainder of the week. Have a safe and enjoyable New Year’s Eve. See in 2016!