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President YamadaThink life slows down after the holidays? Not when you’re a Lion! We have a busy week ahead of us as we prepare for our LPEF board meeting and A1 Convention.

On Friday, the Lions Pride Endowment Fund Board of Directors will meet to discuss the upcoming year.

Although we sincerely enjoy working with our board and meeting with the BMO Wealth Management Team, the Pride staff is excited to attend the 27-A1 Convention in Lake Geneva. The 2016 theme is Hawaiian and we are looking forward visiting with our fellow Lions, learning at the convention workshops and, of course, imagining tropical island temperatures, but we are highly anticipating the meeting of the convention’s special guest, International President Dr. Jitsuhiro Yamada.

Dr. Yamada is a neurosurgeon and was elected as the association’s 98th president at the International Convention in Honolulu last June. He has served as a Lion since 1985 and has held multiple positions in the organization including district governor, GLT constitutional area vice leader and international board member.

Since taking office, he has taken a special interest in the refugee crisis currently happening in the Middle East. Dr. Yamada and the other members of the leadership team quickly put together an LCI/LCIF Refugee Steering Committee to assist refugees during this difficult time.

It should come as no surprise that President Yamada has been recognized for his service with many awards, including the Humanitarian Partner Award, 10 International President’s Awards as well as an Ambassador of Good Will Award.

We await Dr. Yamada’s keynote speech on Saturday and know that both the board meeting and the A1 Convention will be a terrific starting point for Lions Pride Endowment Fund to kick off the New Year.