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LCICon FukuokaOver 700 District Governor-Elects from around the world (including our very own Geri Schlender) are getting a head start to LCICon Fukuoka this weekend. They, along with thousands of other Lions, are traveling thousands of miles to the 99th Annual Lions International Convention.

As you most likely know, the 2016 convention is taking place in Fukuoka City, Japan, from June 24 to June 28. Our DGEs are headed there a few days early to participate in extensive training seminars.

In their three-day session, the District Governor-Elects will receive comprehensive leadership development training and education about their roles and responsibilities as leaders in Lions Club International.

If you think these DGEs will be participating in nothing but fun and games before the convention, think again! All of the upcoming officers received homework ahead of time. Just take a look at their assignment guide. Fortunately, if we have any procrastinating DGEs, they will likely have a chance to finish reviewing their 55-page guide during their 17-23 hour plane ride.

The District Governor-Elects will then be joining Lions from all over the world to participate in the international convention. The theme of this year’s International President, Robert Corlew is New Mountains to Climb. The metaphor for the 2016 theme is, of course, a mountain to symbolize something that is challenging and takes a maximum effort to accomplish. It is only be climbing the mountain that we truly succeed. New mountains represent new challenges and new opportunities.

As we enter into our 100th year of Lions service, we are given a chance to honor our past and embrace our present, but to keep moving forward, we need to plan. To conquer our next mountain, we must lay out a trail.

We are excited to hear about the experiences of those planning on attending 2016 LCICon Fukuoka! If you are attending the convention, what are you most looking forward to?

Lions Pride would like to wish the DGEs, and participating Lions, safe travels as they make their way to Japan and home again!