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One of the great highlights of 1st Vice District Governors is traveling to the Leader Dogs Campus in Rochester Hills, Michigan. The 1st Vice Governors and their spouses have the opportunity to learn more about the organization itself, explore the service areas, meet the trainers and see the canines in action.

Last year, Leader Dog was knee-deep in their Canine Development Center Renovation. A portion of the old kennel was demolished, and everything was getting cleared to prepare for the initial groundbreaking, which took place in August 2014.

Let’s fast forward about 12 months and check in to see how construction is progressing; things are really taking shape! The Leader Dogs Team has entered the final phase of their renovation. The exterior of the building is nearly complete, and they have now moved to the interior of the east wing.

With any construction, there is going to be some sort of rearranging and the Leader Dogs reconstruction is no exception. For the past year, the staff and the dogs have been in temporary spaces, but it looks like their patience is going to be handsomely rewarded. Just this week, the newest Future Leader Dogs got to check out the new outdoor play area that Lions and Lionesses helped build.

The idea behind the project was to create the best possible environment to breed, train and care for the Leader Dogs and to better serve their clients. The plans for the Canine Development Center campaign began in August 2013. They still expect to complete their final phase in October 2016. To see their entire construction process, please visit their Flickr page.

From all of us at Lions Pride, we’d like to say, “Congratulations,” to the entire staff at Leader Dogs for the Blind. We know that getting through a reconstruction is a difficult task, but we are so excited to see what the future holds for your organization after completion. Keep up the great work!