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The countdown is on! T-9 days until the official start of Wisconsin deer gun hunting deer-in-sunlightseason.

If you’re like more than 600,000 hunters all over the state, you are likely anxiously awaiting the arrival of next Friday morning. You’ve been diligently studying your trail cam images, already cleared your travel path and prepared your stand for a weekend in the great outdoors. You’ve been dreaming about hanging a set of beautiful antlers and a fridge full of venison to get you through the long winter, but have you thought about what you’ll do with your hide?

Again, like many other Wisconsin hunters, we hope you’ll consider donating your hide to Wisconsin Lions to help send a child to camp. Each deer-hunting season since 1991, Lions Club volunteers have set up collection sites all over the state. What started as a relatively small operation has grown immensely over the past couple decades. Today, there are over 175 collection sites from Ashland all the way down to Beloit. In recent years, the deer hide collection has raised anywhere from $75,000 to $95,000 for the Wisconsin Lions Camp.

Donating is simple! Just bring your hide to a drop-off location near you. The hide will then be salted, preserved and eventually sold. Every hide donated will help send a child with special needs to camp.

Each year, we are proud to help send over one hundred children to camp, where they get the opportunity for learning, hiking, swimming, boating, crafting and so much more. With 440 acres of land and a 45-acre private lake, there is no shortage of fun. The goals of Lions Camp are to assist each child in the development of self-confidence, interdependence, social skills, outdoor recreational skills and environmental awareness; but most importantly, for the child to have a fun, safe, memorable experience.

Give back this hunting season by donating your hide to Wisconsin Lions Camp. From all of us at Lions Pride, thank you for continued support over the years, and good luck to all hunters!