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salad-with-croutonsWe have officially entered the third week of the New Year! As any long-time Wisconsinite can attest, January can be tough. We may have started out the year with optimism, but with all of the recent ice storms, it can be difficult to keep that positivity rolling. It just so happens that this is about the time, people start to abandon their resolutions.

Enter Healthy Weight Week – an opportunity for all of us to find hope once more.

Rather than starting another unhealthy diet or outrageous exercise routine, Healthy Weight Week allows individuals to rethink their New Year’s Resolutions, and start adopting a healthy lifestyle.

The primary goal behind Healthy Weight Week is to uncover a new meaning behind the term, “healthy weight.” It’s important that we all understand that a healthy weight differs from person to person, and is dependent on several different factors including height, bone density, body type and body composition. Now is the perfect time for all of us to determine an individual weight goal. Here’s how you can celebrate throughout the week from UC Irvine:

  • Be active in your own way

Find an activity that you enjoy partaking in so you can include it in your daily routine. It should come as no surprise, but when you like what you are doing, you are more likely to form a habit. Learn to focus on the pleasure of the activity and all of the health benefits involved.

  • Add all five food group in your daily diet

When meal planning, choose balance, variety and moderation. Include all five food groups every day: bread and grains, fruits, vegetables and meat. Although, it may be tough, just remember that all foods can fit into your lifestyle! (Remember, the sole purpose of this week is to adopt a healthy way of life, if including all five food groups sounds overwhelming, start with two to three, and make your way up.)

  • Relax and learn how to remove stress from your life

We don’t need to tell you that high levels of stress can have dangerous repercussions on your life so now is always a great time to take control. Make time for daily 15-minute relaxation sessions or simply empty your mind and let your body go limp for 30-second relaxation breaks throughout the day. By adopting a philosophy of flexibility, relaxing and going with the flow, you’ll be able to tackle the burdens of everyday stress.

  • Rediscover normal eating

Due to the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life, many of us are left overindulging and eating at irregular times. Break that habit by eating the three recommended meals of the day, snacking when hungry and then subsequently stopping when full.

Although none of these mentioned habits might not seem like large commitments, they are just enough to help us start living a healthier lifestyle. Remember, that small changes create big results.

Happy Healthy Weight Week from Lions Pride!