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The most romantic day of the yearlions-pride-valentines-day is right around the corner. If you are young (yes, at heart counts) and in love, you have probably already started planning ways to spoil your sweetie on Valentine’s Day, but have you thought about how you can share the love of your favorite non-profit?

If you’re a proud Lions Pride supporter, we have a few simple ideas for you:

“Like” and share on Facebook

Non-profit organizations have recently found that Facebook is an exceptional way to share their message. You can help Lions Pride spread the word by “liking” the Facebook page and sharing it with your friends. Simply update your status with a couple of reasons why you love support LPEF.



One of the greatest gifts you can give to Pride is the gift of time. Our annual shoot is the largest fundraiser of the year, which requires a lot of preparation. Volunteers help make the event a success. The 10th Annual Lions Pride Shoot will take place on Saturday, June 10. If you would like to get involved before the event, please contact us today. We could always use a helping hand.

Make a donation

Of course, one of the clearest ways to share your love is to make a special donation in the name of a friend or loved one. With your support, we can help educate others on the Lions Pride mission of becoming “today’s help, tomorrow’s hope.” Remember that even small donations make a big difference.


We are always looking for excuses to show appreciation for our supporters, and we think Valentine’s Day presents the perfect opportunity. Thanks to you, we have the chance to provide, preserve and protect the Lions Camp and other WLF statewide projects. We would not get nearly as far without your help.

From all of us at Lions Pride, we cannot thank you enough for your continued support. We truly are wild about you!