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June has arrived! The trees are blooming, the birds WI Lions Campare singing and winter feels like nothing more than a cold, distant memory.

While we may only be halfway through the year of 2017, the 2016-2016 Lionistic Year is coming to a close; that means it’s time for our current Council of Governors to start handing the reigns to our the DGEs. Saturday marks the first full weekend of the summer at Lions Camp. The DGEs will be gearing up for their new roles at this weekend’s orientation.

The fun starts on Friday afternoon at 4 pm with initial Council Chair Training presented by CC Shawn Redington, IPID Karla Harris and PID Mark Hintzmann. Immediately following, the elected officials will receive a camp tour and meal from the WLF Directors. The night ends with WLF orientation history and current project overview.

On Saturday, the District Governor Elects will learn about the training at the International Convention and receive more information about the several projects happening within Wisconsin Lions. They will hear from Lions Club International Foundation, the Global Members Team, Wisconsin Lions Eyebank and, of course, Lions Pride.

The day will then wrap up with the council meeting schedule, locations, format and committee action items. The next two days are going to move quickly for the incoming Governors and will begin to prepare them for the year ahead.

Lions Pride is looking forward to seeing all of the District Governor Elects this weekend, and sharing our message about Pride. We’d like to wish all of the new DGEs a nice weekend; we know you are going to be great in your new roles!