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Most of us would already consider Friday Donutsto be the best day of the week, but this Friday(July 21) is even more special because it’s National Junk Food Day! Although we weren’t able to find the origin of this obscure holiday, we think it’s safe to assume a health conscious individual or group wanted a day to indulge without guilt.

The definition of junk food varies, depending on whom you ask. Dietitians will say junk food is any food with little to no nutritional value. Other people will say any food with high levels of salt, sugars or fat would fall under the umbrella. We think that we can all probably agree that the general term, “junk food” refers to anything that tastes good.

Here in America, we have our fair share of junk food readily available. After all, we are known as fast food nation. We have plenty of options for pizza, burgers and fries, ice cream and potato chips, all within arms reach and at all hours of the day. However, if you’re feeling adventurous, you might want to try something new.

Consider perusing the list of 100 Must-Eat American Foods to get your mouth watering. If you’re a lifelong Wisconsin resident, you’ll recognize a couple of staple items such as cheese curds and frozen custard, but there are 98 other foods that might not see everyday. There were even a few on the list that we never heard of before including hot water cornbread, pickled watermelon rind and geoduck. What’s your go to junk food? Please share with us in a comment below!

While we wouldn’t condone eating junk food every day of the week, we do think everyone deserves an opportunity to indulge. Just remember, moderation is key; you’ll thank us on Saturday when you’re not curled up on the couch, regretting your Junk Food Day celebration.

Happy National Junk Food Day from Lions Pride!