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While we may not have any white, fluffy snow on the ground (as ofStockings Were Hung writing), there is no question that the holiday season has arrived. Yesterday was the celebration of St. Nicholas. Although the holiday is a popular one in Europe, the day isn’t widely celebrated here in the United States, and we think it’s time to change that!

The story of St. Nick goes back to 4th century Greece. Nicholas of Myra officiated as a bishop after dedicating his life to giving to others. Sadly, his parents died in an epidemic when he was young. With his extensive inheritance, Nicholas decided to use his wealth to help the less fortunate. His signature act was leaving gold coins in people’s shoes around the city. Today, children leave out stockings or shoes on the eve of St. Nicholas and awake to find them filled with small gifts and trinkets. Of course, there is always the possibility that those who have been naughty will find nothing more than a lump of coal.

We may have missed the official holiday, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate the true meaning behind the season – focusing on giving more than receiving. Sometime in December, consider surprising your loved one by filling his or her stocking with fun, little gifts. There are endless possibilities for stocking stuffers – candy, jewelry, small toys, soap, notebooks, key chains and more. You can also include other intangible gifts such as a donation to their favorite charity in their honor.

By choosing to make a gift to Lions Pride, you can help us work to continue improving the lives of people all around Wisconsin. Your donation can help preserve, protect and provide for Lions Camp and all other WLF statewide projects – including eyeglass recycling, adult and children’s vision screening, diabetes education and more. If there is a project that is especially important to you or your loved one, simply designate the gift, and you can rest assured knowing that you’re helping the cause. Print the certificate and add it a stocking for a powerful gift that also gives back.

Together, we can all embody the spirit of St. Nicholas by remembering to include compassion and charity in our daily lives. After all, isn’t that the reason behind the season?

Happy Holidays from Lions Pride!