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We are quickly making our way through the month, which has left asking where Winter Drivignon earth has December gone? Hopefully, by now, you have started checking items off your unusually long checklist – wrapping presents, sending cards and baking treats. Soon, it will be time to develop your travel schedule.

Whether you are traveling near or far this holiday season, we want you to arrive at your destination safely so we have compiled a list of driving tips to keep in mind as you make your holiday travel plans:

  • Add basic maintenance to your list

According to AAA, you should give yourself at least one week to check the tire pressure, replace wiper blades, fill up your windshield washer fluid and test the battery. Don’t hit the road until you are confident that your vehicle is ready for the trip!

  • Check the extended weather forecast

We don’t have to tell you that Wisconsin weather is unpredictable. Remember just a few weeks ago when we saw nearly 60-degree temps early in the week followed by single digits within 48 hours? Be sure you know what kind of whether you will be driving through and plan to leave early, if necessary.

  • Get comfortable with winter driving techniques

Although we don’t currently have fresh snow on the ground, nearby roads may still be more slippery than usual. Increase your regular following distance from one car length to a couple. Also, avoid skids by accelerating slowly.

  • Bring along your emergency road kit

AAA suggests adding an emergency road kit to your luggage. Not sure what to pack? Look back at one of our past blog posts to get reacquainted with the idea. Remember, tis the season to be prepared.

  • Take breaks

Would you believe the average Christmas long-distance trip is 275 miles in the United States? If you are traveling long distance by car, don’t forget to include breaks. Breaking up your trip will keep you more alert when you’re on the road.

  • Above all, don’t forget to be patient

We know that you’re anxious to reach your destination to be with loved ones, but remember that everyone wants you to get there in one piece. Exercise caution when out on the road.

Safe travels from Lions Pride!