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Get ready because summer is officially here! This morning, the sun rose at 5:12 am and Sunsetwon’t set until approximately 8:46 am. That adds up to 934 minutes of daylight. And we think that’s cause for celebration (especially after the dreary week we’ve had.) Here are a few enjoyable ways to celebrate the summer solstice:

  • Bask in the sunshine

    You might be surprised to learn that vitamin D is one of the important vitamins for the human body, but many of us aren’t getting enough. Its primary job is to store the right amount of calcium and phosphorous in your blood to keep your bones strong. The best source for vitamin D? The sun! Studies show that if your skin is exposed to 10 to 15 minutes of the summer sun, then you are probably getting enough. Keep in mind; however, when you put on sunscreen, it will prevent your skin from soaking up the rays so there truly is a balancing act.

  • Host an impromptu party

    We know, we know, you can’t just throw a party on a whim – but the truth is you can! Rather than spending weeks planning, preparing and cleaning every surface of your home, consider inviting a few close friends over for a get-together. Encourage everyone to bring a dish to pass and just enjoy the company. We bet you won’t miss the usual summer party stress.

  • Practice yoga or meditation

    Did you know that June 21 is also International Day of Yoga? We can’t think of a better way to honor the lasting sun than with a few sun salutations.

    To celebrate the summer solstice, The Times Square Alliance recently introduced a counterpart to New Year’s Eve (the winter solstice,) by creating “Mind Over Madness Yoga.” Today, thousands of yogis from all over the world will travel to New York City to participate. Of course, we’re not in NYC, but everyone can still participate through webcast.

  • Watch the sunset

There may not be anything different about tonight’s sunset versus any other night of the year, but we think tonight would be the perfect evening to watch the beautiful sunset and reflect on all of life’s blessings.

It’s not every day that we have the chance to enjoy over 15 hours of sunlight. How will you celebrate the longest day of the year?

Happy Summer Solstice from Lions Pride!