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It may be hard to believe, but the Lions camping season wrapped up nearly two weeks,Image result for wisconsin lions foundationunofficially putting an end to the 2018 Lionistic Year. Do you know what that means? It’s time to start thinking about 2019!

This Saturday, September 15, the WLF Board of Directors will hold their first meeting of the New Year. During their meeting, the members will look at various service projects, work in their committees, and prepare their reports for the full Board Meeting, Lions Pride, will also present a report to the full Board and LPEF President will be presenting the second check of the year to WLF President, Jo Marson. Their day will be filled with camaraderie and an exciting new project, and the spirit of Lions.

Although Lions Pride will not be reporting to the board meeting until later on in the day, we will be hard at work over at the office, preparing for our annual newsletter. We will need to stuff, label and stamp over 2500 envelopes. If you have an extra hand, we’d love your help! We will begin at 8:30 am and work until all envelopes are ready to be mailed. We understand that any number with 4 digits is automatically overwhelming, but we can tell you that there’s no better feeling than seeing boxes of newsletters ready for the post office. All volunteers will be rewarded with coffee and gratitude.

If your loved one will be participating in the WLF Board Meeting on Saturday morning, we’d love your company at the Lions Pride office. Of course, all volunteers are welcome. You know what they say, many hands make for light work.

See you Saturday!