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If we were to you to name your favorite person, who would you say? You would likely

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respond with the name of our spouse. But when was the last time you expressed your gratitude for their presence?

Life is busy. We all need to find a way to balance jobs, (grand)children and other responsibilities, it can be easy to take life partners for granted. Fortunately, there is an unofficial holiday to help you celebrate your spouse this weekend.

National Spouses Day occurs annually on January 26, and that gives us all an extraordinary opportunity to express our love for our spouses. We’ve together a list of ideas to honor your partner in crime:

  1. Spend time togetherThe days may sometimes feel long, but there’s no denying that weeks and months can go by quickly. If it’s been a while since you’ve spent some quality time together, there’s no better time than the present. Plan an activity this weekend that is centered around your spouse. Make a reservation at their favorite restaurant, go see the newest movie or take a road trip. Remember, time spent together is time well spent.
  2. Take on a few of their usual tasksThere are always jobs on the To Do List that no one ever enjoys completing. (We’re looking at you, dirty laundry!) Surprise your spouse by taking on a couple of their least favorite chores like shoveling the walkway, putting away the dishes or taking out the garbage. They may only take a few moments for your complete but offer extra time for your spouse to relax.
  3. Honor them with a giftDoes your sweetie have an organization that he or she cares deeply for? If so, consider giving a gift in their honor! Donations are the lifeblood of any nonprofit organization, so a gift of any size will help them keep moving forward in their mission. Click here for a Lions Pride memorial/honorarium form.

No matter how you choose to celebrate the unofficial holiday, just be sure to tell your better half how much they really mean to you.

Happy National Spouses Day from all of us at Lions Pride.