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black vinyl record playing on turntable

Photo by Elviss Railijs Bitāns on Pexels.com

This week, we’re thinking about a famous musical artist; let’s see if you can guess the musician based on a few word associations. Ready? Jet black hair, blue suede shoes and record sales. If you guessed Elvis, you’re right!

Tomorrow marks the start of Elvis Week. Each August, fans gather at Graceland to celebrate the music, movies and legacy of Elvis Presley. For the next eight days, music lovers will enjoy concerts, panel discussions, dances, a candlelight vigil and other traditional events dedicated to the King of Rock n’ Roll.

We know that it is likely too late to book a last-minute trip to Memphis, so we’ll celebrate Elvis right here in Wisconsin with a list of fun facts:

  1. In 1954, just before getting famous, the King auditioned for a role in a gospel quartet band but was rejected.
  2. Although he is often associated with Memphis, Elvis grew up in Tupelo, Mississippi.
  3. Despite the fact he wanted a bike for his 11th birthday, he received a guitar.
  4. Elvis recorded over 600 songs but didn’t actually write any of them.
  5. A total of 15 songs contain the word, “blue” in the title.
  6. He never toured outside North America; in fact, Elvis only played five concerts outside the United States during a three-day tour in Canada.
  7. It took him 31 attempts to record “Hound Dog.”
  8. Elvis’ infamous black hair was dyed. Rumor has it that he first started using shoe polish to modify the color.
  9. At the age of 18, he paid $4 to record his first album, which he gave as a gift to his mother.
  10. He was drafted in the Army in 1957 and served in Germany until 1960.
  11. During his time in the military, Elvis became very interested in karate. He was awarded a black belt, just before returning home.
  12. When he died in 1977, there were approximately 177 impersonators. Today, there is an estimated 250,000.

Elvis certainly lived an exciting life. Do you know of any fun facts that we missed? Share with us in the comments below.

Happy Elvis Week from Lions Pride!