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person holding white dough on brown wooden table

Photo by Elly Fairytale on Pexels.com

Unprecedented times call for extraordinary measures. This week, Governor Tony Evers instructed Wisconsinites to stay in their homes to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

At this time, Wisconsin is not under lockdown, but instead an attempt for residents to limit unnecessary trips.  All non-essential businesses will be closed for the time being. Essential businesses include healthcare offices, grocery stores and caregiving facilities. See the entire list of essential business categories.

As we navigate the journey to find our new normal, at least for the time being, we’re here to help you and your immediate family stay active during the “Safer at Home” Order. We’ve compiled a list of ideas to keep busy during the pandemic:

  1. Discover free exercise videos on YouTubeAmid gyms and fitness studios closing, many physical trainers and instructors are turning to YouTube to provide high-quality video training. Whether you would consider yourself an amateur yogi, advanced cyclist or free weight enthusiast, you’re sure to find a video to fit your available equipment and physical abilities.
  2. Play a gameWhen was the last time your family gathered around the dining room table and played a board game? If you’re struggling to remember, it’s probably been too long. Get out everyone’s favorite game and play a quick round or two. Don’t forget to keep the hand sanitizer close! You may also want to consider disinfecting any necessary pieces before getting started.
  3. Try a new recipeWhile carry-out is still an option, those who would prefer to stay in can take this time as an opportunity to practice creativity in the kitchen. Ask friends about participating in a recipe swap or scour Pinterest to find a dash of inspiration.If you’re looking for another way to incorporate fun into your meal-time routine, find an obscure holiday to celebrate. Saturday, March 28, is Something on a Stick Day.
  4. Complete an unfinished projectWe’d be willing to bet that you don’t have to travel far to find a project that you wanted to finish “later.” (Don’t worry, we’re right there with you!) Later has officially arrived, so it’s time to take this opportunity to dust those fan blades, hang that picture or touch up paint in the living room.
  5. Call a friend or family memberDon’t forget to check in with your social circle during this time of uncertainty. Pick up the phone to call or video chat with a loved one that you haven’t talked with in a while. We can guarantee that they will love to hear your voice or see your face. Isn’t technology fantastic in a time when we can’t physically be together?
  6. Try a new craftWe hope we aren’t the only ones who have grand ambitions to try a new hobby. With so many of us not participating in our usual activities, it can feel like we are not using our brain to its fullest potential. Take some time to explore a new passion, such as woodworking, painting, podcasting or knitting. There are hundreds of thousands of tutorials online just waiting for you.
  7. Read a bookYou know the last time you binge-watched a TV series, but what about the last time you treated yourself to a good book? Spend an afternoon re-reading an old classic or peruse an electronic library to find a new favorite in a digital format.
  8. Go for a walkAlthough we are all encouraged to stay at home, Governor Evers mentioned that walks are still important. It’s common to feel cooped up at a time like this so, so be sure to get at least a few minutes of fresh air. Your body and mind will thank you for the break.
  9. Start a journalIt may be hard to believe, but we are currently living in a time that will be written about in history books. Document your experience of the coronavirus in a journal to remember what life years down the road. Although it may be difficult to imagine, it’s critical to keep in mind that this, too, shall pass.

How are you keeping busy during the “Safer at Home” Order? Let us know in the comments below to help us keep our readers engaged during this bizarre time.

The Lions Pride Office currently has limited hours of availability to cooperate with the Wisconsin “Safer at Home” Order. We already look forward to getting back to business but know that normal life will unfold in due time.

Stay safe out there!