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Sunday, June 29, is Paul Bunyan Day, and we thought it might be fun to offer tales that you may have not already heard from the most well-known folklores of all time.

  • As a child, Paul Bunyan was so big that five storks were required to deliver him home.
  • The first time he clapped his hands as a child, he broke all of his house’s windows.
  • Ever wondered where Paul might have acquired his big, blue ox? Many believe that Babe was a gift to Paul from his fellow woodsmen, Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone.
  • Legend says that the Grand Canyon was created by Paul, dragging his ax behind him.
  • A common myth behind the Great Lakes Formation is that Paul needed to create a watering hole for Babe to drink.
  • One winter, it has been said that Paul and Babe were lost in a Minnesota snowstorm. The 10,000 lakes were created from their footsteps.
  • While camping in northern Oregon, Paul needed to find a way to extinguish his campfire. His solution was to pile up a bunch of rocks, thereby forming Mount Hood.

Paul Bunyan Events, where you might find log rolling competitions or chainsawing demonstrations, have become a tradition in cities all across the Midwest. Sadly, many of them have already been cancelled due to COVID-19. Though, we can all still celebrate everyone’s favorite lumberjack through the power of folklore.

It seems that tales just don’t get taller than Paul Bunyan! What is your favorite story about the largest lumberjack ever known to man? Please share with us in the comments below.

Happy Paul Bunyan Day from Lions Pride!