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With Thanksgiving only one week away, we’re guessing your preparations this year probably look different than they did in the not-so-recent past. This time last year, you were likely excitedly discussing plans with beloved family members, conversing about who would bring the pumpkin pie, extra wine glasses and perhaps a board game to play after being stuffed to the brim.

This week is unofficially known as National Game and Puzzle Week, as it’s typically a time for families to gather for the holidays and share a few laughs. What better time to break out a classic family board game or quietly work on a puzzle together throughout the day?

Of course, the CDC has already set out specific guidelines for celebrating the holiday season. Sadly, as the conditions of the pandemic continue to worsen, families are being asked to reconsider their plans to slow the spread of the virus. Experts are recommending that families only gather with members of their household to reduce the spread of the virus.  

Many people are understandably disappointed that they will likely not be able to follow their usual family traditions to celebrate the holiday, but it’s important to remember that technology can help keep families connected. To help families get into the holiday spirit, we’ve put together a few games that can be easily played virtually:   

  1. Pictionary – with Zoom’s whiteboard feature, you can all have a blast sporting your artistic abilities. Simply divide your group into teams and open a Pictionary Word Generator to let the fun begin.  
  2. 20 Questions – you may think you already know your family members well, but we’d be willing to bet that you’ll learn at least a few new pieces of information after asking them 20 creative questions. Check out these 200 conversation-starting questions for inspiration
  3. Bingo – did someone say Bingo? Yes! Visit the website, My Free Bingo Cards, to play a virtual version of everyone’s favorite game. Consider adding small prizes such as gift cards or fun trinkets to enhance your family’s sense of competition.
  4. Trivia – show off your knowledge of random facts with a classic game of trivia. Assign a host a random trivia generator to get the brains working after a huge turkey dinner. The winner gets bragging rights!

We know everyone is experiencing COVID fatigue, but the promising news about the recent vaccine milestone should provide us all with hope that an end is in sight. We just need to all hang on a little while longer to overcome this tremendous obstacle.

Have a safe, healthy Thanksgiving from Lions Pride.