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We know that likely everyone could use a boost of holiday cheer in 2020, and what better way than through the sound of music? Although many tried-and-true traditions, including cross-country travel and large family gatherings, may be frowned upon during the pandemic, Christmas caroling may be an activity you can still add to your holiday bucket list.

Sunday, December 20, is Go Caroling Day. What better time to gather a small group of loved ones to spread joy throughout your neighborhood? However, safety precautions are likely still necessary to stop the spread of coronavirus. If you plan to head out caroling, consider following these tips:

  1. Keep your choir small

    When it comes to event gatherings, the CDC guidelines say the more people you come into contact with and the longer that interaction lasts, the higher your risk to become infected and spreading COVID-19. To decrease the chance of spread, try to keep your caroling group on the smaller end.
  2. Maintain social distancing

    We know that Christmas caroling primarily takes place outdoors, but your group should continue to uphold a physical distance of at least 6 feet. You can further decrease your risk by keeping your masks on, avoid sharing items (like sheet music) and using hand sanitizer.

  3. Reach out to community leaders to determine your route

    As we mentioned, this particular holiday season may be especially dreary for some members of your community. Consider reaching out to community leaders who may have a good idea of who could use some extra holiday cheer. By speaking with these leaders, you may be able to efficiently plan your route and reach new people. 

    But remember, this year is unlike any other. Be sure to keep in mind that not everyone will feel comfortable opening the door to neighbors, especially if he or she is immunocompromised. You may want to reach out ahead of time to determine their caroling interest level.

  4. Gather virtually

    Lastly, if you’d rather avoid the risk, choose an online meeting platform to get friends together to sing your favorite holiday tunes. You may want to record your session and share it with your social network to get all of your friends in the holiday spirit.

The holidays certainly look different in 2020, but with a little creativity, we may still be able to participate in several well-loved traditions, including singing with friends.

Happy Go Caroling Day from Lions Pride!