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Coincidentally, this week also represents International Snowmobile Safety and Awareness Week. Before packing up your gear for a weekend enjoying the beautiful Wisconsin scenery, let’s take a moment to review some essential safety tips to keep in mind during your travels.

  • Dress appropriately: To prevent injuries from twigs and other flying debris, consider wearing goggles or some type of face shield. You’ll also want to dress in layers of water-resistant clothing and ensure that you have no loose ends that might get caught in your equipment. Last, but certainly not least, always wear your helmet.  
  • Take it slow: According to the Wisconsin DNR, speed is a primary factor in nearly all fatal snowmobiling accidents. Be sure to drive at speeds that will allow you to effectively react in any situation.
  • Stay on marked trails: Only drive your snowmobile where permitted, whether it be on designated trails or the right shoulder of the road. Be sure to also be on the lookout for fences, tree stumps or stretched wire that may be hidden under the snow.
  • Remember your first aid kit: It’s never a bad idea to plan ahead. Prepare a first aid kit complete with bandages, a map, compass, flashlight, knife and matches. Be sure to keep everything in a waterproof pack.
  • Avoid traveling alone: The most dangerous situations take place when someone is injured and alone. Stay safe by traveling in a pack. Besides, isn’t snowmobiling with friends all the more fun?
  • Don’t drink and ride: Last winter in Wisconsin, alcohol was a contributing factor in 70 percent of the 23 snowmobiling fatalities. Stay safe by not consuming alcohol until your ride is over.

One of the best parts about living in Wisconsin is the visible seasons. If you plan to take your snowmobile out this weekend or sometime this winter, be sure to keep these safety tips handy.

Happy Snowmobiling from Lions Pride!