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Photo Credit to Wisconsin Lions Camp

Did you know that the first Saturday of every month is known as National Play Outside Day? This unofficial holiday gives families including kids, parents and grandparents a regular opportunity to get outside to play together. You may be wondering why we need a monthly occurrence to remind us to spend some time outdoors, but the fact is both kids and adults alike have stopped playing outside (and we’re not just talking about the time during these chilly winter months.)

One of the easiest ways you can improve the health of yourself and those around you is by spending a little more time outside. Here are a few important health benefits associated with getting out and enjoying nature at its finest:

  • You can find ways exercise without giving it much thought.
  • You can increase your Vitamin D intake, which is beneficial for your bones, blood cells and immune system.
  • You can improve your sleeping habits by regulating your internal clock.
  • You can enhance your creative problem-solving capabilities by refocusing your attention.
  • You can stay active and more easily manage a healthy weight.

Time outside may be on the decline, but it remains a core factor for our special campers in all of the summer programming at Wisconsin Lions Camp. In each session, children have the chance for a comprehensive outdoor program that includes everything from overnight camping, canoe and hiking trips, swimming, paddle boarding and more.

The goals, of course, are to assist each child in the development of self-confidence, interdependence and social skills, as well as help build upon their outdoor recreational skills and environmental awareness. The staff understands that there is no better way to observe everything that Mother Nature has to offer with a variety of fun, outdoor activities that encourage campers to continue playing outside – even after leaving camp.

We can all take a play out of the Wisconsin Lions Camp handbook by remembering to get out and play. We know that the frigid temperatures this weekend may not necessarily be conducive to enjoying a lot of time outside, but it will be the perfect time to plan your favorite outdoor winter activity when the weather warms back up.  

If you know someone who could benefit from a trip to the Wisconsin Lions Camp, you can find additional program information and online applications on the Wisconsin Lions Camp website.