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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which gives us all an opportunity to tell our cherished loved ones how much they mean to us. For most of us, our favorite people may include our spouses, children, friends and community members, but if you’re a nonprofit organization, you have one more group to add to the mix – donors.

Here are three (of many reasons) why we love our supporters:

  1. Their kindness

You may likely already know that the Lions Pride staff is small but mighty, which means it’s not always easy to finish big tasks on our own. Whenever we are in need of additional support for stuffing mailers or working a fundraising event, we can always count on the kindness of Lions and our donors to come to the rescue.

  1. Their loyalty

The Lions Pride Endowment Fund was born in 2006 when it became clear that the rising costs of the camp operating expenses could no longer be maintained by Lions Club Donations alone. We feel so fortunate to say that many of our donors have been with us since the very beginning and others continue to stick with us, year after year, supporting us as we continue on our mission.

  1. Their warmth

Campers may only stay at Lions Camp during June, July and August, but it takes nine months of preparation to make sure they have the most memorable week of the summer. The weather may be downright cold outside, but we always have summer on our mind, thanks to the warm and giving hearts of our donors.

At Lions Pride, our mission is to preserve, protect and provide for Lions Camp and all other WLF statewide projects. None of this would be possible without the generous support of our donors. We feel so lucky to have the greatest donors out there. Thank you for your continued support.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Lions Pride!