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Photo Credit to LoveTheseRecipes.com

Saturday, March 6, is National Oreo Cookie Day! If you’re anything like us, you’ll celebrate with a pack of Oreos, tell yourself that you’re going to have a few, then finish a whole sleeve. (Don’t worry, we don’t judge!) In honor of milk’s favorite cookie, we’ve compiled a list of interesting facts you might not know about the sandwich cookie:

  • The origin story of the brand name remains a mystery. Though fans have many theories of their own.
  • It takes nearly one hour (59 minutes to be exact) to make an Oreo.
  • Many unknowingly believe that Hydrox is a copycat cookie, when in fact, they were introduced 4 years before Oreo.
  • The first Oreo flavor was lemon creme, which debuted in the 1920s but was later discontinued.
  • The name Double Stuf Oreo is deceiving. A high school math class in upstate New York determined that these cookies only have 1.86 times the amount of filling compared to the originals.
  • Women are more likely to twist off the wafers of their Oreos before indulging.
  • Oreos became kosher in 1997 when they removed lard from their recipe.
  • The wafer color of Oreos is either dark brown or black, depending on who you ask. According to Oreo, they do not have a color assigned.

There you have it – a handful of fun facts about Oreos to match a handful of cookies. Did any of these fun facts surprise you? Let us know in the comments below.

You may think an Oreo Cookie on its would be enough of a dessert, but if you’d also like to showcase your love of Lions Pride, you can turn them into adorable lions with the help of some orange sprinkles and melting chocolate. Click to see the recipe.

Happy Oreo Cookie Day!