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Believe it or not, this Sunday at 2 am local time, marks the beginning of Daylight Saving Time in most of America. If you find yourself dreading the idea of springing ahead, you are certainly not alone. According to a poll conducted by the Philadelphia Inquirer, approximately 70 percent of Americans strongly dislike DST.

There are, of course, several benefits to adjusting the time twice a year, but most of us do not like the idea of losing an hour of sleep in the spring. Sadly, like it or not, the change is coming so we’ve compiled a list of ideas to help prepare for springing ahead:

  • Start going to bed earlier

The simplest way to adjust to the upcoming change is to make your bedtime earlier. In the perfect world, we all would have been preparing for weeks, but it’s not too late to start now. From now until Saturday, consciously try to go to bed 15 to 30 minutes earlier than usual. If you approach Saturday night well-rested, you will help minimize the effects of Daylight Savings.

  • Create and enforce a digital curfew

Have you fallen prey to the notorious blue light? Many people don’t realize that using electronic devices before bed can delay your internal clock. Create and enforce a digital curfew for you and your loved ones in which you all turn off electronic devices for the night. Consider setting the limit 30 minutes to 2 hours before bed. Set a reminder if you must! Remember that the earlier you power down your devices, the more likely you are to experience a good night’s sleep.

  • Establish a relaxing routine

Get your mind and body ready for a good night’s sleep by taking the time to relax. Start turning down the lights, read a book, enjoy a warm cup of (non-caffeinated) tea. Do whatever you need to do to make sleep your focus.

  • Audit your sleeping allowance

The amount of sleep you require changes throughout your lifetime. Some people may only need a mere 6 hours while others require closer to 9 hours. Take Daylight Saving Time as an opportunity to determine how much sleep you need to thrive. Use this sleep calculator to find your ideal bedtime.

Here at Lions Pride, we may not exactly be excited about the prospects of losing an hour of sleep, but we are trying to remain positive. To us, Daylight Savings means spring is right around the corner. The next few weeks of adjustment may be challenging, but we know brighter days are ahead.

How do you prepare for Daylight Saving Time? Let us know if you have additional tips in the comments below.

Wishing you and your family a smooth DST!