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Photo Credit to Wisconsin Lions Camp

You likely already know that today is Earth Day, but did you know that the birth of the modern environmental movement started right here in Wisconsin back in 1970? Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin had long been concerned about the deteriorating state of the planet, but after a massive oil spill in Santa Barbara in 1969, he knew that the country needed a change.

Senator Nelson was keeping a close eye on students involved in the anti-war movement and was inspired by their energy; he wanted to bring the same type of attention to the public regarding air and water pollution. He decided to bring the idea of teach-in to college campuses and recruited Pete McCloskey and Denis Hayes to spearhead the effort. The team of three chose April 22 as their day of action because it was a weekday that fell between Spring Break and Final Exams.

They realized the potential to influence all Americans, so Hayes hired 85 staffers to promote events across the country, which then grew to include a wide range of organizations, faith groups and more.  

Although it may not be initially obvious, Lions Pride is a big supporter of Earth Day, stick around to find out why!

As you likely already know, we work closely with the Wisconsin Lions Camp. Each year, we are able to bring children with special needs from around the state to Rosholt for a week of fun and inspire a generation of nature lovers.

During their week away, campers have 440 acres and a 45-acre private lake to explore. They each have the opportunity for a comprehensive outdoor program. Days are filled with outdoor camping, canoeing, hiking, swimming, sailing, archery, sports and so much more. The importance of environmental awareness is rooted in each of these activities.

Once the week has come to an end, we hope they take back an appreciation of our natural world and reappears to choices they make at home. For instance, we hope that when given the opportunity they choose the great outdoors more often than modern devices such as helping their parents plant a garden rather than staying in to play on their iPad.

Our world is an incredible gift and Earth Day reminds us all to cherish it as such. How will you choose to celebrate the beauty of our planet?